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 Please make note of our new hours! Effective January 4, 2016 our Portland office will close at 3pm on Fridays (unless a class is being held).


Along with our classes in the Pacific Northwest and California BMI will be training in Dutch Harbor Alaska and The Hawaiian Islands. We will also be involved with ITCA and Tribal Training throughout the United States.


Our popular Cross-Track software program for water systems is now available in a new format specifically designed for Backflow Assembly Testers.

Download a free, fully-functioning trial version
to see for yourself how this will take your testing business to the next level.


We are particularly proud of our Backflow in a Box product that provides a step by step guide for any water system to implement, organize and maintain a cross connection control program. Some of the components are Public Education, Enforcement Document, Written Program Plan, options to choose different approaches to programs and it can include our Cross-Track software program. All aspects of a Cross Connection Control program are addressed for compliance. BMI is here to help your water system.

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