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What You Need to Know and How BMI Can Help

Lead in drinking water most often comes from water distribution lines or household plumbing rather than from the water system source. Plumbing sources can include lead pipes, lead solder, faucets, valves, and other components made of brass. Lead from other sources (such as lead-based paint and contaminated dust or soil) can increase a person's overall exposure, which adds to the effects of lead in water.

The greatest risk of lead exposure is to infants, young children, and pregnant women. Lead can cause serious health problems if too much enters the body. Lead is stored in the bones and can be released later in life. Lead can cause damage to the brain and kidneys, interfere with production of red blood cells that carry oxygen, and may result in lowered IQ in children. During pregnancy, the child receives lead from the mother's bones, which may affect brain development. Low levels of lead can affect adults with high blood pressure or kidney problems.

BMI offers an array of professional services to help you stay informed on the quality of your drinking water. We can collect water samples, coordinate lab analysis, and prepare an easy-to-understand report with your personal recommendations. Whether you are concerned about Lead or any other contaminant, our experienced team is here for you.


Our popular Cross-Track software program for water systems is now available in a new format specifically designed for Backflow Assembly Testers.

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We are particularly proud of our Backflow in a Box product that provides a step by step guide for any water system to implement, organize and maintain a cross connection control program. Some of the components are Public Education, Enforcement Document, Written Program Plan, options to choose different approaches to programs and it can include our Cross-Track software program. All aspects of a Cross Connection Control program are addressed for compliance. BMI is here to help your water system.

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