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Gauge Accuracy VerificationTest Gauge Form

Test Gauge Form

Most States, as well as general industry standards, specify annual accuracy verification of test gauges that are used to determine the working condition of backflow prevention assemblies. The accepted accuracy range for differential pressure test gauges is ±0.2 psid.

Drop off your gauge at our Portland, Oregon office or ship to us. Please review our Shipping Instructions below and enclose the gauge shipping form

If you need a new gauge please contact us or see our Equipment Page, we offer a great bargain on a Tester Starter Kit that comes in a padded case with test fittings, sight tube, bleed valve arrangement, a test report booklet and current gauge accuracy form.

Gauge services

Verification of accuracy and calibration:
  • Verification of accuracy is $100 (Does not include shipping costs or repair services).
  • With a turnaround of five (5)business days
  • Expedite fee for same day service may apply
  • Troubleshooting for gauge repair issues
  • Replacement or addition of an auxiliary pressure gauge
  • Replacement or addition of filters and filter elements
  • Disassembly of a gauge for cleaning
  • Replacement of internal components on most gauges: diaphragms, magnets, shims etc.

Shipping Information

  • Shipping/Handling is $45.00.
  • Your gauge will be returned via UPS with tracking and insurance.
  • Ship To:
    Backflow Management Inc.
    17752 NE San Rafael St.
    Portland, OR 97230

Shipping Instructions

  • Fully drain the gauge and leave all needle valves open.
  • Please remove all tools, fittings, parts etc. from the box. Ship only the gauge with its hoses. Failure to follow this may result in additional shipping costs.
  • Package the gauge properly for shipment; cushioned within a sturdy, properly-sized, unmarked box. If your gauge has a case, place it in the case and then pack the case into a box for shipping to the physical BMI address below.
  • If not including our Test Gauge Form Include a personal and/or company name, full address (street, city, state, zip), phone number and note the gauge serial number that you use. Some gauges have serial numbers on stickers, some have a brass numbered disk and others use the manufacturer's serial number under the glass faceplate.
  • Include a written explanation of any problems the gauge may have, if applicable. We will call to advise you of additional issues and to get approval for repairs.