The course was comprehensive enough for the purpose of establishing a cross-connection program. I felt I received what I needed to get a program off the ground.


Bring the Training to you!

With BMI, you aren't limited to the classes held at one of our standard locations or on our posted schedule. We can travel almost anywhere and customize a class to fit your needs. Whether you're looking for a casual 1-hour overview or a comprehensive 4-day class, you'll receive pertinent, relevant information--not just an accumulation of unrelated CEU. Plus, your training will be conducted by some of the most talented and respected Instructors in the industry. BMI is already traveling to various states including Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho and most recently, Alaska.

  • No hotels, mileage, meals or overtime costs
  • Staff remains available for emergencies within the system
  • Total training expenses are determined in advance
  • Classes are completely customized to meet the needs of your system
  • Train one person or a large group--it's up to you. You decide how to split your staff to minimize impact on your workload.
  • You can even invite neighboring systems to attend in order to offset your costs
  • BMI can provide approved CEU, if requested
  • BMI maintains your training records

Give us a call 503-255-1619 or email us for more information.

California Rural Water

California Rural Water

Backflow Management Inc. has also teamed up with the California Rural Water Association to do trainings in this area.

Please Visit Their Website to view a list and register for their upcoming classes.